We are a valued supporter to our partners on the path to vaccines development and approved treatments

new and re-emerging infectious diseases continue to rise and pose a threat to global health. in the last 50 years, many unknown disease agents have been identified.

乐和彩开户our global team of experts have built up extensive vaccine experience. this enables us to anticipate the challenges in your drug development plan. we drive milestone success ensuring high quality deliverables within budget.

ICON's Vaccine experience in the last five years

  • 246

    Vaccine studies conducted globally
  • 135,000

    Patients spanning vaccine types, populations, indications
  • 3,391

    Vaccine experienced sites in over 40 countries

Experience our partners can trust

more than 35% of our clinical operations employees have experience in infectious disease trials. over 100 of our project managers and 4 leaders are dedicated to the infectious disease portfolio of clinical studies. we conduct in the region of 20–50 vaccine trials per year, enrolling over 300,000 subjects across approximately 3,800 investigator sites.

Team accomplishments

  • Awarded “Best CRO in Vaccines” at the World Vaccines Conference in 2014, 2017 and named as a finalist in upcoming 2020 awards
  • Recently led the development of 17 vaccines resulting in FDA/EMA approvals
  • Prime contractor for the US Government for 25 years
  • Qualified provider for thr Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Our broad portfolio of services and global footprint also serve the needs of other Global Health organisations such as Welcome Trust, Global Fund and CEPI.
  • Ranked top CRO in CenterWatch’s Global Investigative Site Survey. Rated at or above a 9 (on scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest score) for project delivery, project management proactivity, and overall customer satisfaction with our vaccines.
  • Selected by the FDA to validate . Tasked with the development of qualified instruments for each disease that can be used by drug developers for the qualified context of use in IND and NDA/BLA submissions.

Vaccines experience & capabilities

乐和彩开户icon's clinical trial experience covers a broad range of indications, including: anthrax, bcg (tuberculosis), botulinum, coronavirus, chikungunya, cholera, clostridium difficile, dengue, dpt, ebola, escherichia coli, glioblastoma, hantaan, hepatitis c, herpes, hiv, hpv, influenza (avian, seasonal and pandemic), malaria, meningococcal, mers, norovirus, pertussis, plague, pneumococcal, puumala, rotavirus, shigella, small pox, toxic shock, tuleremia, typhoid, vee, west nile, yellow fever, and zika.

乐和彩开户watch the video below for an overview of icon's experience and capabilities in vaccines, including details of vaccine types, participant populations and indications, as well as the range of our services.

ICON's Vaccine service offerings

乐和彩开户our extensive services include:

COVID-19 clinical operations

Keeping your clinical trial on track in an evolving environment. 

Investigator site networks

Our investigator database includes over 3,800 vaccine experienced independent and network sites across the world, including developing countries. We have well established relationships with the major infectious diseases site networks in the US and also work with numerous site networks in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. These relationships ensure faster response times, higher performing sites, better quality data, along with meeting enrolment expectations.

Site identification and Feasibility is driven by access to multiple patient data sources and feasibility intelligence tools.

​Adaptive design trials

We are the only full service CRO with the knowledge, software, systems, and global footprint to make adaptive clinical trials a reality. Our full service includes the design, simulation, and execution of adaptive clinical trials that can be effectively applied in these studies.

Our proprietary software ADDPLAN enables design, simulation, and analysis of adaptive clinical trials with ease and enables faster decision making at critical points during trial execution.

Applied technology

FIRECREST乐和彩开户, our clinical site management and e-learning platform, centralises and streamlines communications across the study. This enables transparency in communication and training to our sites and project teams. 

Our technology platform, ICONIK, enables us to analyse the operational, clinical and real world data collected during clinical development.  This  enables better decision making and the successful implementation of clinical trial strategies that significantly improve efficiency in clinical trials.